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Vehicle recovery is obviously an inevitable element when driving off the road. Proper preparation prior on heading down the lane is of paramount importance and can likely ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for both the driver and the passenger. One should never forget tow/recovery straps. Damar Recovery Straps and Tow Straps are specifically manufactured and engineered to the highest industry standards, thus making it your best possible choice.

When the last thing left to save your valued 4×4 vehicle is a thin fabric strap, then it should be the best. Never trust the safety of your vehicle into substandard straps that could possibly jeopardize the safety of everyone inside the vehicle and the vehicle itself. Similarly, make certain that you are using the right equipment for the situation. Damar Webbing Solutions Ltd. produces quality tow and recovery straps that will get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Damar Webbing Solutions is your leading source for a comprehensive array of quality recovery and tow straps.

Tow Strap / Recovery Strap Information

– Made of durable polyester with little-to-no stretch value.

– Kinetic straps also referred as “snatch straps” are typically made of synthetic nylon, giving a great stretch value.

– Works seamlessly in all towing applications.

Helpful Tips

– Always ensure the fixing points are secure and strong enough.

– Damar heavy-duty tow/recovery straps are specially designed to endure tough jobs. However, it is still crucial to take care of it properly.

– Always inspect the straps to see if there is any damage prior to use.

– Make sure to keep them away from any sharp edges.

– Never attempt to exceed the rated capacity of the product.

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