Bow shackle Galvanised 6.5ton – screw pin / tested

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Application: Secure tow strap to towing points on vehicle.

Material: Galvanised metal Bow shackle with screw pin

SWL: 6.5 ton

Breakstrain For towing purposes  (5-1 safety factor): 32.5 ton

Other Info: Tested and stamped

18 reviews for Bow shackle Galvanised 6.5ton – screw pin / tested

  1. Graham

    One BIG shackle, looks more like 14T load strength not 6.5!! Not at all in proportion to the closed D links on the 5T axle strap that I got at same time. Good quick delivery and will certainly do the job!!!

  2. Kathryn Trevor

    Bow shackle Galvanised 6.5ton – screw pin / tested

  3. Pete Smith

    Pin diameter 25mm .Opening 38mm. Diameter of bow 59mm. Galvanising not brillliant. Appears to me to have substantial safety margin if used at 6.5T .

  4. Simon Broddle

    I bought a shackle & strap a while ago and they are brilliant.
    I like the “Made in England”, that means a lot. Whether the material is I don’t know but I do like to support great British businesses.
    Not tried the shackle but it’s an animal, don’t see me ever breaking that.
    Great people, great products, great service. Thank you

  5. Paul Wadsworth

    Once again – excellent service. Very pleased with my purchase and your speedy service. Thank you very much.

  6. Martin Peter Sheppard

    Needed some additional shsckles for tow and winch work. Good profuct , good price, excellent delivery

  7. Ben Casson (verified owner)

    These things are monsterous , i would be very suprised if u managed to break 1 , absolutly superb .

  8. mike oxley (verified owner)

  9. Ken (verified owner)

    Great product, but I fear I went far too big for what I needed, in the end I bought the smaller 3.2t version (for a 4.5t motorhome) which is rated for towing at 16.2t. My fault for not reading the description properly…

  10. Glynn Mahon (verified owner)

  11. Jose Francisco Lopez (verified owner)

    Good used with Unimog 7.5 t

  12. John Dickinson (verified owner)

  13. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  14. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

  15. Russell Collings (verified owner)

  16. Ian S. (verified owner)

    Galvanising had a rough finish splinters in hands.

  17. Fred Pennington (verified owner)

  18. Stephen B. (verified owner)

    Quality product

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