Lifting Slings

Lifting Slings by Damar Webbing Solutions

Lifting heavy loads is no more a problem with Damar Webbing Solution’s durable lifting slings specifically engineered to effectively lift varying weight. Sling Lifts refer to material-handling accessories used for making load attachment into hoists, cranes, and lifts. These are used in industrial rigging and heavy manufacturing to ensure that materials are handled with utmost care while keeping operators safe.

Damar Webbing Solutions offers a wide range of lifting slings in different formats. Choose what best meets your requirements.

Endless Round Slings

Polyester endless slings are made from high-tensile polyester fiber and is continuously wounded to form an endless sling.  It can be used in basket hitch, vertical, and choker applications and features continuous loop. Damar’s Endless Roundsling Slings are manufactured in UK. All also adhere to industry standards. The products are color coded to easily determine its load capacity and other factors.

Flat Webbing Duplex Slings

Also made of polyester, Duplex slings are lightweight, flexible, and have wide-bearing surface that helps protect items that are being lifted. Manufactured with reinforced eyes at each end. Damar offers a wide range of quality webbing slings options.

How to Keep Lifting Slings

Varying physical factors affect the strength of your lifting slings. How you handle and take care of it generally poses significant impact on its life and longevity. To ensure that the product will last longer and serve you at its best, it is vital to consider the following factors when using the variety of lifting slings that are mentioned here.

  • Failure to consider the impact of angle factors may adversely affect the sling’s strength. Similarly, shock loading, improper loading, over loading, and unbalanced loading can compromise the sling’s strength. Abrasions and Punctures also pose serious damage.
  • Webbing Slings typically malfunction due to cutting issues, which are typically a result of load-edge movement against the sling.
  • Sling Angle refers to the angle that is measured in between the sling’s body or leg and the horizontal line. Considering the angle is of paramount importance as this factor may greatly affect the sling’s rated lifting capacity. Lifting sling with angles of below thirty degrees must be avoided.

Why Choose Lifting Slings From Damar?

Damar has been in the industry for years, constantly providing quality slings and straps. All of the available products conform to the EN standards. Each sling also includes certifications. Both flat-webbing slings and round slings generally come with comprehensive labels stating everything you need to know.

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