Window nets

Window nets.


To be in compliance with SFI 27.1 Certification, window nets are required to be constructed either entirely from 1″ Webbing Material, or from Mesh Material with a strip of 1″ Webbing at 8 inch intervals across the length of the net.

The net must be secured to the vehicle on the top and bottom by either a Spring Rod or Latch System. This allows for a quick disconnect of the net by the occupants, regardless of the position of the vehicle.

For small triangle style nets grommets are recommended.

We currently only manufacture the nets and do not provide the fixing points so this will need sourcing.

The nets we produce are made with polyester mesh, This is a strong material.


Please check with your race sanction FIRST to see what is legal for your class. For SFI approval, you must use rods (spring or fixed) on the top and bottom of your net.

A latch is used in combination with a steel rod and link mechanism. SFI approved when using top and bottom rods.

Spring rod kits include the lever and tabs to weld to the cage.
SFI approved.


SFI Approved.

How to order:

We will need a template to work with. Card board or something with a little rigidity is preferred.

Attach the template material to the outside of the window and draw the edges of the net EXACTLY.

This will be the shape of the window net so the template will need to fit the gap.

Note the location of the fixing points.

When the template is received a member of the sales team will contact you.

Package and ship the template to us:

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