8 x Recovery Ratchet ! Purple ! Alloy Wheel Straps Trailer 5ton

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Colour: Violet

· Width: 2" (50mm) Webbing Only

· Breakstrain: 5000kgs (5ton)

8 x Recovery ratchets with short ends and claw hooks

8 x Long ends 4mtr with claw hooks

8 x Link straps 500mm with protection pads to stop rubbing on expensive alloy wheels.

These are all made to British Standards in the U.K All recovery ratchets are the specially made short handle type which are used by all recovery services. The short handle ratchets are easier to use up close to the wheel enableing you to tighten and loosen your strap more easily. We are one of the leading manufacturers in webbing products and recovery equipment in the U.K.

We are a UK based manufacturer of Lifting Slings, Ratchet Straps, Vehicle Transport Straps and 4x4 Recovery Straps.

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