Winch Brother / Safety Strap Heavy Duty Certified (LOLER) Replacement

£38.10 including VAT


Replacement strap for the certified winch brother Winch Brother Strap Heavy Duty Certified (LOLER)

Length: 1.5mtr (overall)

Can also be used as a safety strap.

Winch (Brother) Strap for pulling cars onto trailers.

Designed with certification for lifting (LOLER) with a WLL of 2000kgs

Fixes onto the axle of the vehicle and securely hooks back onto itself.

All stitching is reinforced and is made for heavy duty use.

Fixes onto your existing winch with a Bow shackle which helps you keep a central pull on the vehicle.

Each leg can be removed and replaced when needed.

Every strap is supplied with test certificate produced by us (the manufacturer) to cover LOLERĀ 

This is of heavy duty construction Made in the U.K to British standards.


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