Tree saver strap 1.5mtr

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Tree saver straps are used when winch recovering, the duplex straps are invaluable for avoiding damage to both the object you are anchoring around (be it a tree, post or other vehicle) and your own winch cable or rope.

Unprotected winch cables also damage trees irreparably, a tree strap should always be used when anchoring to a tree.

Tree straps protect both the tree and the winch cable.

Damar tree saver straps have a heavy duty high quality G8 rated hook with safety catch and a G8 rated ring at the other end, this helps for a quick and easy application.

Duplex 50mm webbing Breakstrain 12000 kgs / 12 ton

Length 1.5mtr

Heavy duty high quality double thickness Webbing.

1 review for Tree saver strap 1.5mtr

  1. Stephen Hopper

    Well made with good strong fittings great service

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