Kinetic Snatch Tow strap 8000kgs

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1 x Kinetic towing strap.

Width: 50mm (2inch)

Length: 10 mtr

Breakstrain: 8 ton .

Includes a cam buckle strap for easy storage.

How Snatch Ropes Work: The combined weight of both vehicles, the vehicle motion and the elasticity of the snatch rope combined can be used to multiply the potential energy, which is converted to kinetic energy when the recovery process takes place. When the recovery vehicle accelerates, the slack is taken up, the rope stretches, and the energy produced snatches the bogged vehicle out, thus multiplying substantially the amount of available energy that is used to recover the bogged vehicle.

The Snatch Recovery Procedure.

Move the recovery vehicle in front or behind the stuck vehicle (take a look first to see which is optimal). The distance between the two must be about half the length of the snatch rope. Ideally, a third person should be used to marshall the entire procedure.

Attach the snatch rope securely to recovery points on both vehicles, using shackles. Open the stuck vehicle’s bonnet, and lay a blanket or coat over the snatch rope to dampen the whip should the snatch rope snap.

The recovery vehicle then GENTLY accelerates, until the jerk on the strap is felt. Let the snatch rope bring you to a stop. The nylon webbing of the snatch rope will stretch up to 20% and then recoil to its original length. When the snatch rope has recoiled, the bogged vehicle should have inched forward a bit.

You will be amazed at just how little momentum is required. Remember to keep some tension on the strap to avoid abrasion from the road surface. Gently repeat this process until the bogged vehicle is freed.

24 reviews for Kinetic Snatch Tow strap 8000kgs

  1. Dave White

    Quality strap … pulled a truck in a flood with a 4+4

  2. Jazzyjay71

    Very happy & fast delivery.

  3. keith stevens

    Very good quality,good value,and good service.would highly recommend.

  4. Luke Unwin

    Fab company, great value and very good quality products made to order, arrived in a few days, will definitely buy again if I need more straps!

  5. David Crease

    Ordered Kinetic recovery strap and other tow ropes and straps. Look to be really well made and order was quickly fulfilled. Good service.

  6. Robert Tweedie

    Absolutely fantastic quality strap!
    First class materials and construction… infinitely better than others I’ve come across and it’s made in Britain. 10/10

  7. Keith Lister

    I’m very pleased with my purchase but I’ve not needed to use the tow straps as yet. I like the fact they can print your name on the label.

  8. Brian Watkins

    Good product, great service

  9. Steven MacDiarmid

    Sold as described satisfied and good quality very happy!

  10. graham ward

    excellent piece of kit and great quality,good price too.

  11. James Higgins

    Able to pull a 30ton lorry up a snowy hill

  12. dale chapman

    Looks a great piece of keep with the present Covid problems I have been able to use it. It’s was a great price.

  13. Fred Schroeder

    Great service. Great communication. Quick delivery. Haven’t used the strap yet but looks to be welll made

  14. Matthew Pine

    Excellent quality piece of kit with the added personalisation! Would definitely recommend and buy again!

  15. Mark Butland

    Wonderful products
    Used the custom rear bridle to pull tonne bag of logs across a field


    Fantastic bit of kit – really well made, easy to carry and looks great. Goes perfectly with a pair of soft shackles! Quick delivery and well packaged but including some care instructions / number of snatches before needing replaced would be helpful.

  17. Andrew Hall

    Top quality as always from Damar Webbing Solutions

  18. Eddie Bishop

    Had my Ford Ranger, with All-Terrains and 2″ lift, stuck in deep mud nearly up to the floor level. No amount of digging and back and forward drive worked – just too gloopy in the bog. Connected the Kinetic Snatch Strap and tow vehicle popped it straight out first attempt. A standard tow rope wouldn`t have worked – just not enough traction for tow vehicle in mud to get necessary momentum. Well impressed and keep it on-board permanently as I spend a lot of time in the fields in all conditions.

  19. Matt (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, nice and tidy with the storage strap

  20. Bruce (verified owner)

  21. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Not had to use it yet. Delivery spot on, and all kit is rated and labelled as it should. Great quality!

  22. Steven Barnes (verified owner)

    Great fast service

  23. Dan Benatan (verified owner)

    The price was good and delivery was quick. I haven’t had occasion to use the rescue strap yet, so I can’t comment on that aspect.

  24. Timothy (verified owner)


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